Why iCraftWeb? The craftsman knows what they’re going to achieve before they start, while an artist is forever exploring the possibilities.

I have been designing, developing and publishing web sites for individuals and companies for more than a year now as a director of web solutions Development Company apart from 17 years of developing applications. Dealing with clients who have approached for application development are knowledgeable and they have clear understanding of what they want from us.

Ninety percent of our web site publishing clients are not clear of how this works. Most of our effort and time goes in explaining every aspect of publishing cycle and in bringing enough clarity, clearing their doubts & apprehensions than using efficiently the available time to fulfil our and stake holder objective of building an optimum, precise, customer friendly and presentable quality web site for customers.

In this article ‘The Ten Simple Steps to Your Web Site ‘, I am making an effort to clarify all or most of the apprehensions that I have come across and will explain every step/ phase involved in getting your web site published.

The Ten Simple Steps to Your Web Site

  1. Domain Name Registration(Single TLD or All TLD)
  2. Email Hosting or Signing up with Service Providers.
  3. Logo Design
  4. Scope Defining, Sizing & Budgeting.
  5. Content  Authoring
  6. Template Design
    1. Home Page
    2. Rest of the Pages
    3. Contact Form
  7. Web Hosting
  8. Publishing
  9. Site Publishing
  10. SEO & Maintenance

The first step is to buy a domain

  1. Registration of domain name

Search for a domain registrar and search your domain name using domain search and buy it.

What is a Domain name?

It is the on line address of your web site

For example www.icraftweb.com

A typical URL is like http://www.icraftweb .com

Characters before the first dot and the second dot are not changeable. We should be concerned about the middle part and the characters after the second dots.

First Part WWW stands for Word Wide Web

Second Part icraftweb: Your Company name without spaces. Spaces and special characters are not allowed but Hyphen is the only character which is made available at this time to split names. If “icraftweb” is not available then you can still try i-craft-web. These domain names are not case sensitive. Some of them used to be case sensitive when we used to host it on UNIX variants.

Third Part .com: These extensions are called Top Level Domain. Some of the extensions are listed below.

.com, .org, .net, .in, .co.in, .xxx etc.,

Now comes the question of which extension do we need to buy from available extensions. Any TLD should be fine. .com is better in all cases. In addition to selling domains many of the registrars sell additional services for the domain purchased. For example, privacy protection services and Domain protection services, DNS services comes as additional services and it’s offered as free services by default. We recommend signing up for privacy and domain protection.

For anything and everything we just hit google search engine.  Search for Domain Registrars and buy it for minimum of 2 years even if it is a startup.

Choosing the registrar is not an easy task. Select any registrar where you think you are comfortable hosting your site because most of them offer free domain if you host or free hosting if you buy a domain. Look for the best offer and features in the short listed registrar. Please scroll down to know more about hosting packages and features to understand better before you actually buy.

Email Hosting: Email services sometimes comes as a part of the domain that you just purchased or if you are concerned about the security and privacy then we recommend to host your own email server internal to your organization buying leased line connection which comes with public IP addresses or you can use third party email service providers like Google or Microsoft. Usually these services come at a cost per user on annual basis and we charge a very nominal one time setup fee and yearly administrating fee.

Option 1. Email Services provided by the Domain Registrar

Option 2. Third Party Email Services like Google Mail or Microsoft Online Services.

Option 3. Hosting Email Server in-house (If privacy and security is of concern).

NOTE: Your mail services will start working within 3 to 4 days from the day of domain registration.


iCraftweb Services

A web services providing group, backed by a leading IT Services company in Bangalore, India. We play the role of an Architect, Interior Desinger and as Corporate Ambience designer in building your Online Identity on your web site as your partners.

Our creative web designers are highly talented and quality conscious and have delivered high quality websites in quick turnaround time

We offer web design and development services for both domestic and international clients

We provide

  1.  Template Design and Html publishing services
  2. Logo Design Services
  3. Portal Development Services(PHP,ASPX)
  4. Production of Corporate Presentations
  5. Production of Video Walkthroughs
  6. Content and Copywriting services

Please visit our branding portal http://www.icraftweb.com for design services